Friday, February 1, 2008

Bird Watching

Okay, I saw some pretty fabulous birds in Florida too. Some photos for your viewing pleasure:

A Common Egret. It wasn't very common to me. And especially beautiful in flight.

An Anhinga, drying it's wings. They don't have the protective coating that ducks and such have, so they dive in the water for fish and then sit and dry their wings. I saw them just like this all over sunbathing to get dry. It was kind of fun to see them.

This is an Ibis. They were often in groups and walked on top of the water lillies and such, kind of fun.

Flamingos are native to Florida. Pretty cool having birds like this native to where you live, huh?

Here is a common Egret "surfing" on an alligator.

Comorants nesting in a tree. They dive in the water to fish too. They are often called snake birds because when they swim all you see are their heads and necks. In China, people train these birds to fish for them. I saw it on Survivor once too. The put a collar around their neck so they can't swallow the fish and pull it out of them. Gross huh? But ingenious.

Here was some kind of stork. Isn't he funny sitting on his "knees" like that?

And a Peacock. they are always just amazingingly beautiful birds.

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Bandanamom said...

Looks like you had a cool trip Suzanne. It seems like you are always getting to travel!