Monday, July 7, 2008


Ninety pounds have gone missing and I don't ever want them back. So if you find them, just send them on their way to some third world country where someone could use a little extra padding.
And I can officially say I'm halfway to goal weight now. Amazing isn't it, that 90lbs is only halfway? But I am so happy. A friend on the diet was telling me that he is so close to goal that he has a hard time staying motivated because he hasn't been this thin in 30 years. I feel so much better about myself. It's fun to choose what I'm going to where everyday because I look so much better in my clothes.
I'm not really tempted to cheat, but I am sometimes hungry and tempted to eat a little more of what I can eat than I am allowed. Yesterday was fast Sunday and I should have ended up with less protein than I am allowed. Yet later on in the day, I was hungry and so ended up eating my breakfast allotment of protein in the evening. So the scale didn't move this morning.
Overall this diet is so easy, it's amazing that not everyone is on it. It truly is simpler than most anything else I've tried and certainly less drastic than surgery. Now just to keep hanging on in there...


Cynthia said...

You are absolutely amazing! Roxanne came home from church yesterday and mentioned how good you looked. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog when I was searching for what others might have said about Dr. Fountis' diet. I started it myself a week ago today, and am down 10 lbs (96 to go!).

Sixteen pounds your first week?! Wow, and I thought losing ten (in my husband's case, eleven) was impressive, but wow! Go you!

For me, I should be done in about six to seven months, target weight 140 lbs. I admire your capacity to stay on this... good luck!

Samurai_ko (on LJ)

Shando said...


You look fantastic! I am really proud of you (Lez and Scott too!)

You are inspiring, keep up the good work!

Heidi said...

Whoo-hoo! That's awesome! You look great.

Bandanamom said...

Way to go Suzanne! I just don't know why the whole world isn't on the diet really. (well, or at least people who really need to lose weight). I am less likely to eat more food than I'm suppose to and more likely than you to dream about ice cream - but I still find it's easy to stay on it because the weight loss is so self-motivating!

Suzanne said...

Thank you and nice to meet you Michelle! Welcome!