Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Almost done with Germany! Robin took us for a day in Trier, which is the oldest Roman site in Germany. There are some cool ruins there, and a nice shopping plaza. We had some good gelato there.
These ruins are VERY OLD! That is Edith walking through the archways. Look how big the stones are and how tall the archways are. I imagine they drove their carriages through. I'm not sure of the purpose of the building, but it's in amazing shape for how old it is. This is the opposite side. People could climb up into the building. We were too much of wusses and just looked at it from the outside. This is an old Palace. Now it's some kind of city government building. I think City Hall. Pretty impressive for a city hall, huh? this is the Lawn/Garden in front of City Hall. It goes on a very long ways with all these tall statues lining the way.
This is inside the Cathedral. This is the ceiling over the baptistery. It's like carvings or sculpture. Not paintings. It was very impressive. And it was Spargel season ! Spargel is the German word for asparagus. They were promoting it everywhere. Every restaurant had specials on it, both white and green asparagus. I loved it and had it several times. Why don't restaurants here have specials on what is in season? And not just the high end restaurants, we are talking quite casual places.

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