Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What was I thinking?

Ok, I was reading an article a while ago in my Oprah magazine. You know how she always has the section of "things we just love"? Well it was the something or other anniversary of converse tennis shoes and they had several that had been designed by artists. They were really cute and actually affordable. So I got on the Converse web page to check them all out. There were so many to choose from. Who knew?

So after looking at them all, I thought the pair with the polka dots were the coolest and ordered them. But..Now that I have them in person and on, one, they make my feet look huge and they look like gigantic clown shoes. Oi vey. Anyway here is a photo of them on my feet.
I'm hoping I just get used to them and decide they are just fun and funky!


Anonymous said...

Oh go ahead and enjoy them, they can always be pleasurable conversation!

Anonymous said...

I was glancing at your list of some of your favorite books and regconized one of my favorites that doesn't seem too familar to others-"Follow the River", just wanted to share that with you and I still think your throw works are really nice!

Janet in MN said...

Those are awesome shoes Suzanne!!