Monday, June 22, 2009

How does your garden grow?

We have been enjoying the coolest June since 1913. My garden, which had been looking a little crisp towards the end of May, has been loving the weather and has just taken off! It 's been very fun. I've even had a couple of nice ears of corn, which is suprising since, I have so few stalks. In the back there are my tomatoes. Next are my zucchini. Then my melons and pumpkins are spilling over the side and all down the edge of the planter. I've got pole beans and bush beans. Some peppers and black eyed peas, carrots. I don't seem to have lots of anything at any one time, but a little of each. I'm waiting for the melons to start producing.
Thanks to the cool weather, I am feeling somewhat successful at my first attempt!

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Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful!