Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Horse Back Riding Part 2

I had another glitch, so here are the rest of the Horse back riding photos.
Another shot from between Shadow's ears.

After Keegans horse bucked her off, he ran off. So Aaron gave her a ride. You can see the mud on her pants leg. Thank goodness, she was alright.

Here is the "old wood lot" our destination. And a view back down over the valley. Keegan riding double again with Aaron.

The "View". Someone coming up the hill on an ATV,found Keegan's horse and brought him back to us. Here she is remounted as Aaron shuts the gate.
I can't wait to ride again! I have booked a trip down the Grand Canyon on a mule. It isn't the same, but I am excited none the less. I have always wanted to do that!

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Janet in MN said...

That sounds like so much fun!! When Mary gets just a little older and I can take off for a few days, I'm buying a cheap ticket to Phoenix and coming to visit you so I can do some fun things with you!!