Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Animal life of Idaho

I just came back from a weeks vacation at my sister's in Idaho. It was a lot of fun. My sister, Wendy, has always loved animals and has always owned several. When we were kids, there were raccoons, an aviary with assorted birds, rats (ugh), gerbils, mice, dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs and finally horses. She has been lucky to be married and living in a situation where she can continue to indulge her love of animals. Her daughter, Keegan, is just like her and loves to have animals just as pets, usually. They live in the country, but not really on a farm. They still have enough land to indulge their desire to have animals. Keegan informed me that she wanted a camel next. She said she had wanted an elephant, but had finally decided she couldn't probably really take care of it there. My sister has told her she can't have a camel, but the reason was she has disliked all the camel's she ever met. Keegan had llamas last time I visited. The llamas are gone now but have been replaced by sheep that Keegan is raising for meat. We'll see. None have been slaughtered yet, but I think they probably will be. Not by my neice, but them take them to a slaughterhouse. I neglected to get a photo of the rooster. They have a lovely rooster that woke me every morning. My sister has her dining room all decorated in roosters and says she wants to take this one to a taxidermist and have him stuffed. She told me she was going to let him live a few years first. Country living sure is different from the city in a lot of ways! Here are some of the inhabitants of my sister's place.

This is her 125 gallon aquarium. It is really pretty and makes me want to set one up again, although much smaller.

This is their dog, Baxter. He is a really nice Chocolate lab, who LOVES water. Here he is throwing himself in the creek with abandon.

This is me on Shadow, one of their horses. He is a great horse and I really wanted to bring him home!

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ed all the "critter" pictures and scenery! Looks like you had a really great time!