Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wendy's Rooster Dining Room

My sister, Wendy, decided she liked roosters and wanted a rooster motif for her dining room.

She had this cabinet custom built. It has Chicken wire over the top compartment. You can see many rooster figurines. And it looks a little "barn like".

She did this counted cross stitch in the middle. Then she paid to have it specially framed and matted. Their is chicken wire over the top. The four side pictures are not cross stitched.

She found this desk at a second hand store and repainted it herself.

She even has a rooster rug! Now she wants to stuff a rooster she has in her yard and add it to the collection. I wasn't happy that she would kill him off just for decor. She told me she would let him live for a while yet. My city values are not the same as their country values! But stuffed rooster not withstanding, she has done a great job with her dining room!

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Anonymous said...

that is really cute! I love the use of chicken wire with everything and I see she's not lost a bit of her fine artist skills! But you didn't take a picture of her big rooster she bought at the swap meet down here!