Friday, March 11, 2011

A day at the Scottsdale Arts Festival

Penny and I had the day off today. We went to the Scottsdale arts festival which runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We had never been to this particular event. Unlike some of the festivals, we had to pay 7$ to get in. But we think it was worth it. It was very nicely organized. This was more fine art. There were paintings, etchings, prints, photography, jewelry, ceramic, glass, fabric art, needlework. Everything was mostly out of our price range, so we enjoyed looking.
They had bands playing in three different areas. The music was very enjoyable. And they had gourmet food trucks! I was very excited to try some of those.
One of the many glass art vendors.
I loved these etchings. I took their website. I'm hoping I might be able to get one later. They were awesome. That's Penny browsing.
I thought this artists paintings were different and interesting. This one is called Rain Made. She is made of rain. It's really neat close up.
Same artist, Autumn Starfall. Leaves that are stars.
Fragile Moment.
Yard art
I got some chicken skewers from Hey Joe! Filipino street food.
Later we got ice cream from Sweet Republic.
These pieces are fun. They are covered in smashed bottle caps.
A beautiful day in a beautiful setting.
Penny got a pulled pork sandwhich and tater tots.
I thought these guys were fun. The one with the chicken head says which came first? around it in scrabble tiles. Inside the chicken is an egg.
I really liked these. I took a lot of photos because I thought I might be able to make something somewhat similiar. They are different "Guardian Angels". This first one is sewing. They have chopsticks for legs.
This is a kitchen one. It has silver ware on it.
This is a house guardian. It has a key plate and castors on the bottom.
I liked these paintings too.
Here is another one.
The city of Scottsdale bought the Love sculpture from Philadelphia.
These were so cool. They were pieces that were just meant to be displayed but they were dresses made out some interesting things. This one is shingles.
Smashed bottle caps.
Bottle caps and tags.
Penny found some earrings she bought and I finally bought this print of the Pop Alphabet. Can you tell what products all the letters are from? I thought it was very fun.


bandanamomtoo said...

How fun, I love the dresses made of disparate items. So cool. I really like your print too. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

I think I got the K,P & W, not a clue on the rest! Looks like they had a lot of cool fun stuff! And a fun day!