Friday, March 4, 2011

The New Citizen of the United States of America

I haveworked with Lynnora for about 7 or 8 years. She is from British Columbia in Canada and came to the United States several years ago to work as a traveling nurse. She recently decided she wanted to become a US citizen. It was interesting to hear her studying at work sometimes for the oral exam she had to take. The things she was learning were things I had learned in school, but such a long time ago, it was all pretty fuzzy.  The application process cost 800$. A lot of money. And she had to already have her green card,which she did and live in the United States at least 5 years.

So when she got the date to do to the Sandra Day O'Conner Federal Courthouse and be sworn in, I thought it would be fun to go and support her and also interesting to see what they do. The courthouse was designed by Richard Meier, a famous modern architect. This circular room is the court room they use for ceremonial events and is where Lynnora was sworn in.

There were 103 people from 40 countries getting sworn in.

This was the judge in charge of the proceedings.

After they swore them in, we all said the pledge of allegiance, sung the national anthem and then they played "God Bless the USA" and all wove their flags. It made me a little teary. I don't think I have had the chance to say the pledge of allegiance since I was in grade school. How does that happen? Why don't we ever say it?
Here is the new citizen in front of the statue of Sandra Day O'Conner.
I have two short video clips of the actual swearing in. Congratulations Lynnora!

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Cool! Nice to see a bit of what goes on!