Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wrigley Memorial Gardens

The Wrigley's owned Catalina for years. They created the Catalina Conservancy to protect and restore the Island. Development was limited to Avalon and Two Harbors. Ada Wrigley created a memorial garden where her husband used to be buried. Cindy and I took a taxi up to the gardens. Then walked up to the memorial and back to town. The plant above is called Red Hot Poker. It attracted a lot of humming birds. I have a photo at the airport of a humming bird eating from one.

I think this is called a dragon tree. It's a pretty cool looking tree.

 Here is the memorial as we approach it. It's up on a hill. Ada didn't like the idea of people walking over her husbands grave and so moved him to the mainland. Catalina was known for it's tile produciton.The memorial is decorated with native materials from the island, including Catalina tile.

 The view from the top back towards Avalon and the ocean.
 Cindy and I.
 Some very hairy, old man cactus.
 Car ownership is strictly regulated. You can have one golf cart per family. That seems pretty restrictive, but the town is so small, that you probably can function pretty well that way. It was funny to see so many of them parked at the park.

 When we were in our room, I was pretty much reading all the time. This is what Cindy was doing.


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