Friday, February 8, 2013

Zip Line in Catalina

Ok, so I have some folks clamoring for photos from my zip line experience in Catalina. So first off, there are very few photos. They told us to not take anything that could get lost, fall out or off, etc. So I didn't bring my camera past where we got into our harness and signed away our lives.
Cindy had gone zip lining twice a couple weeks ago when she and Dave were on a cruise to Mexico. She said it was a lot of fun. So when we were going to Catalina, I said, sure, I would do it.
You have to know that I have always had a fear of heights. That I am not a dare devil. I am always very careful not to do myself harm. I am not particularly nimble in any way.
 So the day before we were to go, we were on a different tour on back roads of Catalina. When our tour guide was taking us back into Avalon, he stopped at the the top of the canyon at the first zip line platform. This is what I saw:
 What you can't really tell, is that this is the first platform and you have to jump out into the air over a canyon. It's pretty high, steep, and dang scary. Suddenly, I was terrified. All night, I kept thinking about backing out.Really. I was scared. I tried to be rational, I don't think I will actually die, but I am not sure I can make myself hang from a cable way up in the air over nothing and go flying across space.
  Morning came, and I went with Cindy to the office. I had her take a "before" picture. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to look like "after", or if I was going to live through it. We put all of our stuff, including my phone and camera into a locker. They gave us an orientation and put on our harnesses. I kept thinking somehow htey would disqualify me. They didn't.
They did tell me somethings that helped me feel a little better. They told us about the safety checks they do on us each time we go. They told us what to look for, what it would sound like, how they would help us, how they would stop us, how to land. Then they loaded us into a bus and took us up.
 That platform was unbelievable scary. The first two young girls went flying off, successfully. Then I stepped up to go. I was afraid that if I didn't just push myself forward, I wouldn't go. I knew, I had to go before Cindy. If she went ahead, I might just stay behind. I stepped off into the air, Tried to get into the cannonball position and glued my eyes on the guy on the recieving platform. It went really fast. The bigger you are the faster you go. I was the biggest one. I tried to put my foot down too soon and kind of hurt my leg a little. But made it.
The second one was the longest one. Again terrifying, but I felt a little bit less like I might die. I stepped up to go first. Again to stop my self from chickening out. I kept my eyes on the guy again, did a little better, but landed with my feet on the edge of the platform in a rather painful, jarring way.  But I was building up some of my confidence. By the time I got to the third one, I didn't feel quite as grim about the whole thing. I went last that time. I almost enjoyed it and could look around a little. There were 5 and I think I might have enjoyed the last one. I was also so releived it was over! They only have a camera set up to take your picture at the very end. I bought it as proof that I really did it. And am posting it, fat butt and all.
 Here is my after picture. A little drained.
 Cindy and I together.
 I had to sit and have a nice diet soda to restore myself afterwards. I even think I could do it again. I looked at photos of some of Cindy's other zip line experiences. I am not sure I could do them. But this one I could! Go me.

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