Friday, March 28, 2014

Dead Celebrities

 On another trip to LA, Cindy and I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. It was quite interesting. This time, I read about the Pierce Brothers Westwood Cemetary. There were supposed to be quite a lot of celebrities there. I am not sure why I find this interesting , but I do. Especially since, it is unlikely that I would recognize a living celebrity. I am not very celebrity conscious. Maybe it's because this makes them very much like the rest of us. We all die and end up somewhere like this.
At any rate, if we weren't following the GPS on my phone, we would never of found this place. It isn't visible from the road and is hidden in amond several sky scrapers.
We only found a portion of the many famous people that are buried here. I was googling how much it cost to be buried here. It is a small place and all the plots are apparently sold. You can only buy one resale.
They are about 45,000 for a single plot. about 22,000 for a niche for an urn.
We did not see Frank Zappa, Roy Orbison, Darryl Zanuck, Natalie Wood. Hugh Hefner has a plot for when he is ready for it.
Poor Farrah died the same day as Michael Jackson.

Some had funny things on their tombstones. Rodney Dangerfields says, there goes the neighborhood.

Someone left flowers on several of the graves.

Archie Bunker

Apparently many people kiss Marilyn's crypt. The stone is permanetly discolored from lipstick.

Love Capote's writing.


Don Knotts had a very fun tombstone.

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