Friday, March 28, 2014

Paramount Studios Tour

A couple of years ago, Cindy and I went on a tour of the Warner Brothers Studio. This trip, we toured Paramount studios. It was interesting, but I think I enjoyed the Warner brothers tour more.
The studio is really just a working space. Anyone can come in and for the right price, use the area for filming movies or tv shows. Glee is being filmed there. They seemed to be the hottest topic on the lot.

Paramount is the last working studio left in in Hollywood.

 All the sound stages have plaques on them that say what movies or shows were filed there.
 They took us on the set of where Dr. Phil was filmed.
 This was part of their New York street area.

 When you rent the area, knobs are extra. You can see where many different types of knobs have been installed and used.
 One of the more interesting areas was a part of the parking lot near the old water tower in the front. They flood it and use it for making big water scenes. They have a wave generator and can even make it look like someone is surfing. The parting of the red sea in the ten commandements was shot here.

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