Friday, March 28, 2014

Real People Real Gardens Tour 2014

Penny and I were able to go on the Real Gardens for Real people tour again. I love this tour. Most of the gardens are at people's homes. They have all completed the master gardener program through the U of A. This time, they were all in the East valley. My favorite was the first one we went to. It was on about a half acre. It was beautiful, but most everything was something to eat. The front walk area was lined with a grape arbor. There were raised beds with vegetables all around the front and side.

In the back corner, was this awesome area designed specifically for their Sonoran Desert tortoises. It was also quite pretty.

They had a chicken coop desigened to look just like the main house. All along the back and sides were all kinds of fruit trees.

 These great looking strawberries were in raised beds, next to the driveway.
 Down the street, was property with a bunch of minature horses. I had to take a photo.
 The next stop was at a retirement community. They lady there had done amazing things with succulents and pots.
 Another garden featured this great fountain and a bell to commemerate their 40th anniversary.

 Lots of pretty flowers along the way.

 I love columbines.

 Lots of lettuce and greens.
 The resident turtle was a female named Elvis.
 This borage was pretty.
 Loved this art project at a school garden. It was inspired by the Chihulily glass at the Botanical gardens. It's made out of water bottles, colored with markers, split and curled with heat.
 These hollyhocks were in a community garden in Tempe. Volunteers reclaimed it from blight and the homeless to raise, fruit, veggies, flowers and eggs for a local food bank.

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