Friday, March 28, 2014

Duff Goldman's Cakemix Studio

This is what I was most excited about for our trip. Duff Goldman from the Ace of Cake's on the Food Network had opened this Cakemix studio in West Hollywood. It's kind of like a paint on pottery place. You go in and your cake is ready for you with a crumb coat.

You decide what you what to do with it, or if you are like us, we made it up as we went. They put the initial frosting on it, so it's all pretty. You can do fondant or buttercream. Then you embellish it with additional fondant, butter cream and special goodies from the toppings bar. It is a really fun concept. I wish they had one here in Phoenix.

Cindy was trying to get some ideas, looking at some other people had done.

Toppings bar.

Here they are covering my cake for me, so it will be all pretty.

Cindy choose to swirl two colors.

 They give you a little instruction, but it's mostly up to you.

And they give you a box to take it home! It was a fun thing.

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