Saturday, June 13, 2015

Museum of the West, Part II

Full warning: there are 121 photos in this post. If you don't want to see Western art and memorabilia, you can bail out now.
I will only put a few comments in. Most are just because I liked them. The first group are from the sculpture courtyard.

 A new beginning, is the name of this one.

 Apache warrior.

 Some older, classic paintings

  A piece of a WPA mural.
 The Apace Trail, Roosevelt lake.

This one is blurry, but I liked it and so a including it. This is part of the next few, which are all by women painters.

 Kachinas coming home.

Fritz Sholder, modern painter

I have always liked Ed Mell, but have never seen him do metal. It's cool. The next painting is his too.

 Often lots of action in western art.

Navajo maiden, communing with both earth and sky

Wild west show and rodeo memorablia

What cheaters used

Handcuffs, keys and shackles

Ropes, etc, made in prisons

One of the most famous women rodeo competitors

This was fun. It was a big painting, that went from the wall, across the floor. If you stood in a certain place, it looked like you were standing next to the horse getting ready to get on. Here is Penny.



Will James did lots of pencil drawings for the magazines and newspapers.

This was cool. It looked flat, and the perspective moved as you walked by.

This is what it looked like from the side.

Loved this watercolor.

 Upstairs, they had several areas of artwork divided by whom they depicted, Cowboys, Calvary, Native Americans, Explorers, Trappers and Mountain Men.

 Kit Carson

 Loved these paintings that showed some of the first explorers at some of the sights of what became national parks. Here is the canyon of the Yellowstone.


Yellowstone again

 The lost greenhorn

Go visit!

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