Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wildlife and Animals: Utah, Wyoming and Idaho

As usual, when I go on vacation, I take as many animal photographs as I have an opportunity to. So here are the best ones I took.
The first is a deer, that is in the Unita Mountains in Utah. We probably saw 8 to 10 deer total.

 One moose! I was excited to see a moose as you don't get to very often. And this one was in pretty thick wood most of the time. This is the best photo I got of her. This was just into Wyoming.
 Another deer. Still in the Unita's.
A pair of sandhill Cranes, in Wyoming.

Minions. They count as wildlife.

 This is not wildlife, but a sheep camp. I thought it was cool.
We saw lots of ewes and lambs. Notice the undocked tails of the lambs. They have long tails.

A pronghorn antelope in with the sheep. This is Wyoming.

I am so excited to have gotten this photo! We were driving into the Fossil Butte National Monument, when Wendy said, there is a badger crossing the road! Not an animal you see very often. I got her to stop and he went into a burrow, but kept popping up to challenge us. We didn't get out of the car. Wendy said he would charge us and probably bite us if we did. I was excited to get the photos though.

We saw lots of pronghorn antelope in Wyoming.

A hawk, again in Wyoming.

A burrowing owl, in Idaho.

My sister takes the dogs on a "dog run". She gets them all in the car, then goes to this 7 mile loop. She lets them out and drives slowly. The dogs run most of the 7 miles beside the car.

A beautiful Guernsey. They have pretty faces.



One eyed Dotty.

My sister's Bantam rooster.

Mid crow.

Bantam hen.

Her only current egg laying hen.

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