Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Second day: From Utah, over the Unita's into Wyoming

 More pretty photos. As we left the valley that Heber is in, we saw this view of the lake towards Park City.
The rivers and lakes were full from all the rain.

Beautiful leaves, clouds, mountains.

Falls on the East Provo River.

Lots of snow up high.

Frozen lake

Snow, Sun, Clouds

Wild orchids

 Old dining car, Evanston, Wyoming

We stopped at this rock shop. Is that blood on the T rex?

So excited to see this funnel/finger cloud. I took as many photos as I could as I had never seen one in person before. It went up and down as the storm moved. Glad we could see it with out being close enough to be worried.

Original homestead of the founder of J. C. Penny. Kemmerer, Wyoming.

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