Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Photos from Utah, May 2015

I flew in to Salt Lake and was met by my sister. We drove towards Park City as I had never been there and wanted to see the area. We kept going back and forth through the seasons. High up in the mountains, it was still snowing and then part way down, early spring, and in the valleys late spring.  Here are some photos of some of the scenery. It was beautiful!

New leaves on aspens.

Park City. We just drove through. It didn't really appeal to us much.

Midway, Utah and Heber area. It was gorgeous!

Fun shop we stopped at.

 Dry stone stacked wall

 So green.
Another fun shop

Cute metal goats.

 Loved the Volkswagens
Nice bookends. I can never use bookends. My shelves are too full.

My sister bought this battery operated hanging lantern for her garden.

Weeping willow

Last shop.

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