Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Colonial Park Cemetary

 This is just what it looks like to drive down the street in Savannah. It's pretty amazing.
We went to several cemeteries. The colonial Park cemetery is the oldest one in Savannah. It doesn't have all the interesting monuments, but it still has some interesting history.

It's nice to know that modern medicine helps us not die by the droves as in years past.

There were several interesting graves of those who fought in the American revolution.

There were several large brick mausoleums.

Some old tombstones.

One of the signers of the declaration of independence is buried here.

This was some interesting history.

 During the revolution, the British took Savannah. Some of the troops camped in the cemetery. They took down some of the headstones and marked them up. Afterwards, not knowing where they were supposed to go, they were put on the wall .

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