Sunday, July 19, 2015

Telfair Art Museum

Almost have everything posted from vacation. We took a quick drive out to Tybee Island. The lighthouse was iconic. The community was more our idea of a beach town than Hilton head was.

 We enjoyed going through the Telfair art museum. It used to be the Telfair home and so there were a few rooms set up as they had been. Mary Telfair had started an amazing collection of art for a smaller city. Lots of photos of art ahead, bail if you aren't interested.

This is a painting of a teenage Kahil Gibran (the author) dressed in Arabic costume.

To walk into this room was kind of amazing. The spaciousness and size of the paintings.

This was a cool painting. It depicts going from being a child to old age.

Called Madonna of the fields.

Church in the Netherlands.


 Above and below are details from the painting  a few back. I forget which prince this was (of England) reflecting on killing a worthy adversary, the former King.

Here, a younger brother is watching his older brother being taken in by a policeman.

A battle between Polish forces and Russian.

Some paintings by local artists.

This one is called crows on a fence

This is a painting of a local house that I toured.

The floor grate.

Across the street in the modern section.

Finally found the real Bird Girl

Paintings by Winston Churchill. There was a whole exhibit. Who knew he painted?

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bandanamom2 said...

This looks awesome, what a great collection!