Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Last Post from Georgia/South Carolina Trip

 Just a few last pics. On our way from Savannah back to the Charleston airport, we made a few stops, besides cemetaries!
We stopped at this old plantation. It was mostly a gift shop, but it had this awesome huge oak tree out front that had been planted more than 250 years ago. It was pretty amazing to think about it. And it was covered with all this moss and fern.
 They did have a bit of a display in one room.
 We saw this awesome green lizard outside. I just looked him up and he is a Green Anole. So pretty.
 We saw these turkey statues at the entrance to another old plantation that is someone's home. I thought they were fun.
 There was a little marshy nature walk area with a boardwalk. We walked for a little ways. It's so different from any southwestern area.

This is the only wildlife we saw besides massive spiders with huge webs that went from tree to tree. I think this guy is a brown Anole.

Knobby roots

A pretty area, but I wouldn't want to ever have to walk through those woods without a nice path or boardwalk!

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Cynthia said...

Love it. That last picture is GORGEOUS!