Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Savannah Historical Museum and Davenport House

 We spent some time in the Savannah Historical Museum. This train engine was there. There was quite an exhibit on the importance of trains.
Eli Whitney and his version of the cotton gin were invented in the area. Here is a model  of one.

Train conductor hat and ticket.

 A set up for an old dentist office.

Some of Forrest Gump was filmed in the area. Here is a copy of one of the benches they used. The scene where he sits on the bench with the chocolates was filmed in one of the squares of Savannah.

One of Johnny Mercer's academy awards and grammy awards.

The founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low was from Savannah. There was a large exhibit on her and her life and the Girl Scouts. This is one of her gowns. She was a small woman.

An early Brownie uniform. I had one like this.

There was a textile exhibit.

We toured the Davenport home. Again no photos allowed inside, but I found this one on line of the famous staircase. Isn't it beautiful? The house it self was a relatively ordinary middle class home.

The front of the Davenport house.

We found a copy of the bird girl at the historical museum.

The garden of the Davenport home.

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