Monday, September 28, 2009

Musical Trivia

I love my ipod, as many of you know. And one of the things I really like about that is all the different ways there is to listen to your music. Amy, who sometimes travel with me for work, says that is one of the things she loves about traveling with me.
1. First, there is this Genius setting on itunes. You can turn on the genius setting, click on a track in your music and tell it to create a playlist. It makes up a play list out of the music in your collection. So I have several of these Genius created playlists. Amy and I will listen to them and try to figure out why they put those particular songs together. It's kind of funny. Sometimes, it seems obvious, like all vintage rock, that kind of thing. Other times we have no clue. I did it once when my friend Helle was traveling with me for work. Now Helle is a dancer, a major dancer. And so she was looking at it from a whole different viewpoint. She was thinking that maybe it had to do with the rhythmn or beat. I love it when somebody makes me think of something in a different way!
2. Here was a funny way of listening recently: alphabetically. I have a LOT of music on my Ipod. It's funny to see how many songs begin with the same word. Or trying to guess what the next one would be. Amy and I did this on our last trip to Prescott.
3. Then of course, you can listen my genre, artist, album, or just shuffle. I used to listen by shuffle mostly, but I am finding these other ways so interesting! And I end up listening to some of my collection that I might not listen to in another way.
Right now, my Ipod is on the p's. When I left for work this morning it was playing "Please Read the Letter that I wrote" by Roger Plant and Alison Krauss from the Raising Sand Album. A great album by the way.
So, does anyone else have any interesting methods of listening to your music?


Kirk said...

I think you might have just tried to call me but my phone is wonky today - I cannot make my cell phone answer as the 'answer button' is jammed or something! My home phone line is apparently dead (when the line gets wet on the outside of the house, the line goes dead for a few hours or days...I've got to get it fixed!) and my cable is being retarded also (right now I'm missing half the channels on the tv)! Apparently I am in some kind of technology limbo!


Kirk said...

Oh Gosh...that is not Kirk, it is Lezlee.

See...I'm having some real issues.

Cynthia said...

I usually listen to mine on alphabetical, which makes for a very random playlist. Once in a while I find that I have the same song sung by two different artists and I like to hear the differences in performing the same song.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! As for me I am still Ipodless, so I still use the old fashion radio and cds! Some times I will burn a random cd or a themed cd. By the way, don't you just love Celtic Woman sing "O America" written by Phoenix/Mesa LDS composer William Joseph? He's performing Nov. 7 at the Mesa Arts Center 7:30pm. I think the tickets start at $28.

Dana said...

Hmmmm. I, too, love my iPhone/pod, but I mainly listen to audio books. It makes all chores fly by fast! I do listen to the stories in order - not on shuffle.

When I do choose music, I usually choose whole albums at a time. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Barry Manilow. I think that dates me!

Clark likes his iPod on shuffle. Especially when listening to the scriptures. He says its more exciting that way!

PS I love watching your blog. You look WONDERFUL. I think of you often.

Suzanne Barker said...

Hey Dana! Great to hear from you! I didn't even know you had a blog. I just checked it out. I tried to leave you a comment and couldn't for some reason. But I enjoyed reading it.

I Am Boymom said...

I hate to admit this, but I don't have an Ipod yet! I KNOW!! How behind the times am I? It's on my Christmas list though. ANd now that I have read your post, I will have some fun ways to listen to my tunes when I finally arrive in the 21st century.

Janet in MN said...

No because I can't figure the silly thing out.