Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Susan's Cottage look

I wish I came up with witty things to write like Cindy and Lezlee. And I think I could if I spent more time at this blog. But instead, I mostly have nice photos for you to look at!
This is my friend Susan's house in Oregon. She is wonderful at gardening and is really into the "cottage" look. She does a great job with "found"objects and things that she has picked up from the metal salvage place.
This Arizona girl love sitting out in her yard and reading or just enjoying the cooler temps and views.

Look, look, I got a bee in the middle of the Dahlia!

Here is the dahlia without the bee.

I LOVE this. Susan came up with this all her self. It's a little sun room off her family room. The sides are made up of Sliding glass doors. The room is fiberglass. So when it's cold, you can sit out there in the sun with the doors closed. When it's nice you can open all the sides up. Is that cool or what?

Here is her little gazebo that she had her brother put together from a kit.

Here are some of her "found" objects on her fence, including her old license plate.

I LOVE the pots she has turned into planters.

This is a view across her backyard. She got the window and I think the door of her shed from a house that was torn down behind her. The old claw foot bathtub she has made into a water garden. The Shower head works and becomes a little fountain.

This is the view the other way, towards the sun room, deck and gazebo.

This is looking towards the little paved area where her hot tub is.

Very decorative shed!

Susan's dad had a commercial fishing boat. She has some old fishing floats on her fence.

The bench and trellis hide some pipes or something in the backyard. She had an arcadia door put into her bedroom and the ramp built so she could go from her bedroom to the hot tub.

Decorations on the fence by the hot tub. The door knobs are to hang your towel on.

Isn't this old chair fun? Seat is missing and a plant put in instead.


Cynthia said...

What a beautiful yard. She is so very creative. Did it make you want to just sit out there and enjoy it each day?

Suzanne Barker said...

That is my favorite thing to do at Susan's. Sit in her back yard and read a book.

Cathy said...

Love it, looks fun, I would love sitting out there too!