Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Spam Museum

In Austin, Minnesota, across the street from the Hormel plant, is the Spam Museum! Who knew? Here is Kelly, in front of the Spam Museum.
And this is a wall of Spam cans with a globe in the middle.
It is mostly an ad for all things Spam, kind of cheesy, but fun. There is lots of singing about Spam by the Spamettes, the Hormel Girls and the Monty Python folks.

The most fun though was the Spam gift shop with the logo on just about anything you could possibly imagine! I got a couple of things to commemorate my visit!


Heidi said...

Ha! My friends from Minnesota told me about this. Our house smells like spam right now. Jared & Marley love the stuff. When I cook it, the smell lingers. Oh well. I'm sure it would be a fun museum to visit.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun!