Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bear Park in Idaho

While in Idaho, we went to the Bear Park located near Rexburg. I had never been before. We paid extra to be able to ride on the open truck from which you can feed the bears. The video clip is from that. You are really high up and quite safe from the bears. You can also drive through in your own vehicle, but must keep your windows up when you are where the bears are.
There are a lot of other animals there. This is Stilts the moose. He is really quite huge.

There was a pond with ducks, a swan and lots of enourmous rainbow trout. You can spend a quarter and feed them. The trout were mugging the ducks trying to get to the food first.

You can also pay another 35$ if you would like to help bottle feed the babies. You get to pet them. We didn't pony up for that, but you can watch them do it which is almost as good.

They had bison.

Some of the babies.

Some more babies. These are called Daniel, Karliegh and Dillon.

A fawn in the petting zoo part.

Lots of deer.

An albino elk.

A bear begging to be fed.

There was a small wolf pack.

This is a female grizzley that was cooling off. The black bears were lose and could come up to the cars. The grizzlies were seperated by a hot wire from each other, the black bears and us.

A black bear enjoying a scratch.

A bear pile taking a nap. They hiberate in some of those culverts. The people who run the park fill them with straw and branches and the bears pick where they want to hibernate. Apparently a lot of them hibernate in groups.
There were also some kiddie rides and a gift shop. It was a fun expedition!

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