Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Work Fun!

Whenever I work a holiday, I plan a party. We were all really looking forward to the Fourth of July. We were planning grilled Brats, potato salad, side dishes, desserts, snow cones!  We were also planning a "Five Favorites Party". Everyone brings 5 of a favorite thing that costs 6$ or less. Then we explain why it is a favorite and then draw 5 names. Everyone goes home with five of every one's favorites.  So this is the night shift crew.

Here was the appetizer I made at work. Dried apricots with fresh basil mixed into goat cheese, topped with an almond and drizzled with honey.

One of the favorites was a "scoop game" Here is Sarah and Michelle trying it out.

Some of our spread. I also made the blue corn bread with pine nuts and corn in the cake pan.

Lynnora enjoying an ice cream sandwich made by Beth.

Lynnora made this flag cake.

Beth's ice cream sandwiches.

Lynnora brought her snow cone machine.

Nail polish was one of Coleen's 5 favorites. Here is my fourth of July red next to Michelle's glitter polish.

Lynnora made us these candy "flag goodie bags".

A cherry snow cone. Beth was our snow cone bar tender. She even delivered.

We decided since we were triplets we should get our photo together. This is our Charlie's angel's pose.

This is our glamour pose.
And best of all, we are getting paid time and a half for having all this fun!


Coleen said...
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Coleen said...

Best party ever..........Second would be New Year's....We have a great team!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like great food, fun and yeah! Getting paid for it!