Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trail Ride to Dry Lake

I have been visiting my family up in Idaho. We have been doing all kinds of fun "country" things. One of the things I have been able to do is go on a horse ride with my neice, Keegan. I only get to ride about once a year, when I come to visit. So Keegan decided that I should ride with her to Dry Lake.  It's about a 5 hour ride! A lot for someone who only rides once in a great while.
It was all up hill and  then all down hill. It was beautiful country. Keegan was afraid it would be too hot if we went very late in the day, so we got up at 5:15 AM so we could be out the door with the horses and horse trailer by 6 AM. My family is getting me up early and out the door every day of my vacation!

For some reason my pictures didn't load in order, but this is pretty high up the side of the mountain. You can tell a little bit about the steepness in this photo of my neice.

Some of the beautiful views back down the side of the mountain to the valley where we started from.

 The horse trailer is down at the cross roads in this photo. I was very grateful for Apache hauling my behind all the way up the mountain. He is a great trail horse, going up and down hills, over rocks, fallen logs, through creeks, over fence rails and through trees.
This is Dry Lake. Not very dry right now! It's very cold and deep. The dogs swam and swam.

My neice Keegan's dog, Chiara, is a fetching maniac.

Baxter, the chocolate lab, just did some recreational swimming.

The top of the mountain isn't too far from the lake.

Keegan on the way down the mountain.

Keegan getting all the equipment ready the night before.

My trying out my stirrups on Apache the night before.

Keegan getting the horse's ready after we are at the unload spot.

The sun coming up over the mountains.

My neice believes in being prepared. She was well armed for any occasion. She wants me to tell everyone that the gun is a 22 Winchester Mangum. And that is quite the knife she has in front. Thank goodness there was no need for any of the firepower or hand to hand combat.


Me in my cowgirl getup.

Lots of flowers up on the mountain.

And Keegan,  my eighteen year old neice, drove the 15 passenger van and the horse trailer without any concerns!


Cynthia said...

Wow! That is a heck of a ride. Are you sore in places where you usually aren't sore?
Beautiful area!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that gave a few saddle sores! I'm sure it was refreshing and relaxing!