Sunday, July 31, 2011

Preston Rodeo

While I was in Idaho, It was rodeo time in Preston. This is a BIG DEAL! It is a three day affair. It starts with the Sidewalk Sales. This where local crafts people set up booths to sell goods and food. Local merchants also spill out to sell things. One of the anticipated events by my Brother in Law and Niece was the Deseret Industries Cowboy Boot Sale. Apparently, the DI there saves all the boots they get in as donations all year and then sell them during the rodeo. It is a much anticipated time to get a good pair of second hand boots for a good price. Keegan said it was like Black Friday. People were hoarding them and fighting over them. My family didn't buy any this year.
I bought a hairband with feathers on it from this lady. I also got some inexpensive jewelry and some delicious home grown sugar snap peas. I couldn't resist one little boy who was making keychains out of that plastic lacing. He was doing such a good job of trying to sell. He had his little brother on the corner with a sign. And he had no shade and it was pretty toasty. I had to support him by buying a 2$ keychain I didn't need.

This little girl was simply adorable. I love this picture. She was selling carmel apples, fresh raspberry lemonade and the sugar snap peas.
After the sidewalk sales during the afternoon, there is a parade, EVERY NIGHT, for three nights! I found this fact a little amazing. Who parades three nights in a row? I know on Friday, it was a horse only parade. Well I guess people with the horses. Not just the horses by themselves. We didn't go to the parade. But we did go to the rodeo.

My sister was being funny here. She wanted to dress the dog up in a bandana to make her look "western". So she put one on herself. I called her Wendy Nelson (Willie Nelson).

Keegan and I went to the rodeo on Thursday. She went back again everynight. I used to go to the rodeo in Phoenix when I was a kid and then as a teenager. But as an adult, I kind of felt like it was a little cruel and demeaning to the animals. I don't know, it didn't seem so bad this time. I think for one thing it was a smaller rodeo, not so many contestants, a little more variety. The animals all seemed to fair ok. The contestants not so much. The night I went, 2 folks got carted off to the hospital. I know one guy broke his leg after riding a bare back bronc. The other guy got hooked on his head by a bull horn after riding it.

There was also a carnival attached to the rodeo. See? I tolk you it was a big deal.

They were selling candy apples in the colors of the local high schools.

Blurry, but stll a fun picture.

This gal got the best score in the barrel racing.
This was a little scary. She almost got drug by her horse.

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