Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Paradise Bakery-Armenian in Glendale, CA

 I have just written some other posts about my recent food adventures in LA, but the sheer beauty of the baked goods at Paradise Bakery required their own post. We didn't know this was an Armenian place when we walked in, but quickly learned. There were lots of folks buying lavosh and many specialty cookies and breads there.
I only tasted a small strawberry tart and then I took some cookies home to share with my niece. Some were better than others. But really, this was an excellent bakery. We didn't try any of the cakes, but aren't they magnificient? The flowers are made of chocolate, either white or dark.
There was a big shrink wrapped book there, like a coffee table book. Juanita asked if it had recipes in it. She was told no, just photos of the baked goods! That is how pretty they are I guess.

 This was a brown puppy. There was a white puppy too.

 I really loved this one. It has blueberries in between the flowers and raspberries down the front of the cake.

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Mahdieh said...

Hello suzanne,your decorates are perfect,Have you ever used professional photographer for taking photo of your nice cakes.I prefer you to do it for albums and katalogs or books.