Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who Shot Rock and Roll

While we were in LA, someone told Juanita and I about this photo exhibit at the Annenberg Foundation. It was called Who Shot Rock and Roll. It was about the photographers of Rock and Roll artists from the beginning up to now. It was really interesting. There was about a 30 minute documentary film that gave a lot of information. One of the things we learned was that the photographers really had a lot to do with how we , as the public, saw the artists and the developement of their image. Prior to rock and roll,  singers were generally portrayed static, in posed portraits. Then energy of rock and roll performances inspired the photographers to do things differently to try and bring that feeling and experience to the viewer. It was very interesting.

 I was impressed by the size and scope of this lobby on our way to the exhibit. A lot of wasted space maybe?
Art in the lobby of the facing building. The exhibit is there until October if you want to catch it too. It's in Century City. No photography was allowed inside. This was a photo of a poster outside. There weren't any signs forbidding taking photos there. Hope this was allowed. A young Bruce Springsteen.

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