Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Warhorse, the play, in LA

I went to LA for a quick trip last weekend with my friend, Juanita. She forbad me to take any photos of her, so you won't be seeing her.
One of the things we did was go see the play Warhorse at the Ahmansen Theatre in downtown LA. This is the same theatre that about 25 years ago, 13 of us young single adults at church, had season tickets to the Saturday matinees. At that time, we could fly over in the morning for 25$. Then we would rent two or three cars, go do something, and then meet up for the play. The impetus behind this was Phantom of the Opera. That was the way we all got awewome seats to see Michael Crawford, the original phantom.
Anyway, there was a Warhorse the book, then the play and finally the movie. I had not read or seen any of them, but I had heard the play was way better than the movie.

 At the music center there are actually 3 venues, the Ahmansen, the Mark Taper Forum and the Dorothy Chandler Pavillon. This is the fountain that was in the middle. It was also National Dance Day and the Dizzy Feet foundation was having it's gala at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion at the same time.
No photography was allowed during the performance, so I took a photo of my program and the photos inside.
They used these amazing horse puppets. They were life size and had 3 puppeteers per horse. Even though the puppeteers were clearly visible, it was still a very believable technique. The did a great job, especially with the horse's head and ears.
It was an enjoyable evening. The fact that I was sitting next to a really nice, good looking, single man didn't hurt either. Just a guy there on his own. He told us about another exhibit that we went to the nexct day.

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