Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vintage finds and LA fabric district loot

 I recently bought these vintage salt pepper shakers in Prescott. Something about their kitschy cuteness, really called to me. All things vintage seem to be in, although what exactly qualifies seems to vary.
 I enjoy the amazin bargains I am able to get in the Fabric shopping district of LA. I like to buy small gift items by the gross. I get he whole sale price and then I have small gifts to give as needed.
 I also can get some great deals on jewelry making supplies to make gifts.
 While there, we wandered into a shop that makes fabric purses. A lot of the prints they use are vintage "looking". They had some really fun ones, but this one I absolutely fell in love with. The print is called Charra, meaning Mexican cowgirl. I really liked the girl on the wallet. The first purse I selected featured her on the front. In the bargaining process, I ended up with 2 purses and a wallet all for the price that I was origially quoted for one purse. But in changing purses, I didn't realize I lost the girl on the front. It is all the same print, just a different place in the pattern. The other Charra is also cool, but just not the same one.
 I found this vintage recreation fabric in the bargain bin at Michael Levine. I made a runner out of it. I love it. I also got fabric that I made a minky soft throw for my niece and one for me.
Then I have some flannel to make baby blankets and some fabric to make maybe a skirt or jumper and a blouse. All for bargain prices!

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The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...

What great finds! I love a good bargain!!