Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Funny or interesting pics from Iceland

 The price of gas, per liter.
 A lady playing with her puppy.

 Just thought it was funny
The word for shower?

So why does this town have a picture of a man with a briefcase?

Penny spends a lot of time planning nicely matched outfits. None of which could be seen because she was always covered up with other layers. She is trying to show me her planned outfit.

Picnic at the national park

These I beams once held up a bridge on the ring highway. They were destroyed in a big flood. There aren't too many roads that go through the middle, only the ring road. If it goes out, there is a long drive back the other way.

Dave was unique with yellow rain suit. Everyone else had muted colors. H was easy to find!

When you came by this sign it let you know if you were doing the speed limit or not. The first time Dave passed it, he got a frowny face.

Coming out a tunnel.

Not sure what this building was in the middle of nowhere, along a gravel road on a foggy mountain pass. Outhouse?

More crazy words we can't say.

Our vehicle for the trip.

Traditional Icelandic costumes.

Traditional wood carving.

This sheep dog was on his way home even though he left two poor sheep running down the paved road away from home. Bad dog.

Somebody who collects vehicles lives here and painted this firetruck a crazy neon orange.

 Modern Cairns built by someone, with a chair sitting in the middle. For what? To contemplate life?

A pretty bridge, I couldn't get a pic of from the back seat. My view looked like this a lot of the time.

At the Dettifoss waterfall.

Steamy waters at Lake Mytvan area.

Business in Akureyri

Fishing boat in Akureyri

Building in Akureyri

Dave with some roadside rock people we found.

This was a chain around the country. The Hagkaup, was a delicious bakery. F and F had clothes, toys and cosmetics. More rain suits for all ages. This particular bakery was transformed to look like a Pappa Johns for the movie The Secret Life of Water Mitty. The waitress told us all about how they closed them down for about 5 days and did all the filming. There are pics from the movie around the top of the dining room.


This cleft in the cliff  was filled with tons of birds circling and flying around.

This little roadside board tells the story of a serial killer in the 1500's and how he was executed by being hacked into pieces.

 This cairn marks the serial killers burial spot.
Stone giant's beard.

 Shell of a house with beautiful views.
Cat on the roof.

Old turf buildings.

The farm where we saw the lambs born.

This sheep was wandering around loose visiting everyone.

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