Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Snaefellsnes Pennisula and National Park

Snaefellsnes is the name of this volcano and the national park and peninsula that it sits on. This volcano is what inspired Jules Verne to right Journey to the Center of the earth. It is really beautiful and has a distinctive knobby top.

We drove around the peninsula and enjoyed all the sights along the way. This is a statue of a giant that guards this little town. It's pretty cool. It has a stone beard and face, that didn't turn out well in this pic due to lighting.

The coast is beautiful with more of the basaltic columns and lots of different sea birds.

Daffodils were blooming.

We saw a few examples of turf houses. I think they are really pretty.

Alpine lakes, high up in the mountains.

Waterfals everywhere

This turf house was a restaurant. We stopped for dessert because the bathroom was for customers only!

Teaching how to clean fish.

Back in Bogarnes, we went through the museum at the Settlement center. There were stories of settling Iceland and of Egil's Saga, which I had read before we went. They were illustrated with cool wooden art work.

Mural across from the Settlement center.

Sunshine in the afternoon!

We didn't see a lot of pets, but I thought this pic was cute.

Modern cabins for a hotel.

The golf club at the hotel we stayed in.

 Beautiful views everywhere.

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