Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Iceland trip, Best of first day pics

Our first day in Iceland, we had been up all night traveling. We didn't want to waste our first day in sleeping though, so we had some things planned. First up was a boat tour that took us out to see puffins. I did a separate post on that, but here is a picture of Penny modeling her rain pants and jacket for the first time. I had read before we went, that wearing cotton clothes, like jeans, was not a good idea, due to the rain, wind and cold. So we all invested in a rain suit. It was the best thing we brought. Not only did it help keep us dry during frequent rain, but it helped keep us warm with the really vicious wind. The wind was almost non stop and the rain clothes really kept it out. They were awesome.
  Having the right clothes really helped us enjoy our trip.
Beautiful views everywhere you look.

 In the harbor area, before our Puffin tour.

Since I did a separate post on the puffins, just a single pic of them.
 Dave with a statue in the harbor area.

 Penny thought the license plates were interesting. I thought all the signs were interesting.

All across the landscape, in this part of Iceland is this moss on top of fields of volcanic rock. The moss is awesome, green and soft looking. There are lots of warnings about not walking on it or disturbing it, as it takes years and years to grow. It gave the landscape an elven appearance. The Icelanders are in to elves, trolls and witches and so it goes with the whole package.

The blue lagoon was magical looking! And so relaxing.

 It felt divine to get in. Our hotel room that night at the Viking hotel, was super tiny. It was almost impossible to have your suitcase where you could get into it and still walk! We had a nice dinner there.

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