Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Geothermal Power plant in Iceland

On our second day, our first stop was this geothermal power plant. The wind was so strong, we could barely get the doors of the car open to get out. It was a huge contrast to get inside this comfortable building. The architecture is designed, so that the point of the building points at Reykjavik, where the power and hot water is going.  

There is so many volcanoes and geothermal energy in Iceland, that they are able to tap right into this to generate both electricity and hot water. It's completely clean energy and there are no emissions. The people of Iceland don't have to have hot water heaters and have very inexpensive electricity.

The hot water leaves this plant in a pipe like this at 180 degrees. It's lined with stone. When it arrives in Reykjavik, It's still plenty hot.

Our tour guide showing us a model of a turbine engine that produces the electricity. It's the same as any turbine.

 The inside of the plant. Everything is super clean and efficient. It runs with just one employee! Crazy! The equipment is made to last 100 years.

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