Sunday, April 3, 2011

Animal Life in Central California

We saw lots of animals while in California. Some more wild than others. These horses lived near our cabin.

We saw these deer a couple of times.

Of course these guys were everywhere.

So were these guys. They were very brazen.

I loved, loved, loved the sea otters. They are so fun to watch.

And the wild turkeys woke me up one morning.

There is a beach near Hearst Castle that is home to elephant seals almost all year. This time of year, it is supposed to be females and juveniles there to molt. According to the guide, they have been in the water for about 9 to 10 months. They come ashore for a month or so to molt and don't go in the water the entire time. Some of the seals didn't have the story straight. There were a few adult males and we saw a couple come out of the sea. It was awesome to be so close to them. There were hundreds of them.

These one didn't know it wasn't supposed to go swimming.

This guy was in Carmel. Adorable.

This is a rare sighting of Poodleus Aquaticus.

Harbor Seals.

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