Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ft. McDowell Low Rider Car Show

Penny and I went out to the Ft. McDowell Low Rider Car Show this evening. It was an interesting cultural experience. I didn't have a very clear idea about the whole low rider thing. I have seen them go by sometimes on the road. And have seen them do a little bit of up and down and side to side hopping. Not quite sure about how it all worked or what it all meant. Now I know that one of the differences between the low riders and the other car shows I have been too, is that these cars are tricked out to the max. Anything to make them over the top, luxurious etc. It 's pretty amazing to see. The other car shows try to restore the cars or keep them true to what they were. These are all custom babies. So here are a couple of videos from the "car hop". I had no idea what to expect from this. The guys are standing beside the cars with a controller rather than being inside. It's like a giant remote control toy car. Watch closely to the end of the second one. The red car loses it's bumper and catches on fire! They don't do this drastic of hopping with the really tricked out cars. It would ruin them.

There were a lot of cool looking cars. Amazing paint jobs. These hydraulic system is what makes them go up and down and etc. They use a bunch of batteries too. A lot of these guys have painted and chromed and perfected these cars beyond anything I could imagine.

And another thing that was different; they were sort of displayed in their own little "set". They had vaious props and tiles and mirrors around them.

This one was the most over the top out there of any I saw. It's from LA. The wheels are off and there are mirror tiles all under the car so you can fully appreciate everything he has done. If you  enlarge this photo you can see some of the delicate black painting just above the Chevy logo.

This is the wheel well. Yes the wheel well. Look at the engraved chrome and painting inside. Unbelievable. The engraved chrome was all over the car. I didn't even notice the painting inside the wheel well until I got this home on my computer.

Here is the front of the car. See the mirrors under the hood?

Here is an example we saw inside of the car of one of the remote control boxes.

Another nice paint job.

Cool upholstery. Mother of pearl and all inside.

The chromed hydraulics and color coordinated batteries.

So Where do you start if you want to do this hobby? Why with strollers, bikes and wagons! Who knew?

A Pirates of the Caribbean themed bike.

Wagon complete with cool lights and mirrors.
Plush seating. There were lots more, but this is a sample for you. I probably won't go again, but it was a fun experience.

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