Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last Cake Decorating class..for now

Today was my last cake decorating class of the introductory series. This is my "graduation cake". I think I am getting better and am pretty pleased with this cake. I gave it to my neighbor who took care of my animals and garden while I was out of town.

One of my classmates loaned me some "pixie dust" to make the flowers sparkly. So now I want to try a lot of different things and practice. We learned how to make ribbon roses today and how to write on a cake too. I want to take more classes, but want to practice what I have already learned first. Maybe in the summer? Anyway, I would highly recommend the classes as I feel like I learned so much!

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Anonymous said...

Are all your cake flavors the same? You know with your drwing classes you could make some real interesting decorations!