Saturday, April 23, 2011

Church Ward Campout 2011

My Church Ward has campouts almost every year. I have missed going on them for a long time for various reasons. This time, I heard about it enough ahead of time to arrange to go. We went to the Church owned girl's camp LoMia, outside of Pine. I have been there once before, but was in a different part. This is the comfortable place I got to sleep. It was in a "cabin", but it had an open side. It was much colder than I expected it to be. When I went to bed, I got my head under the covers and was able to get warmed up. Then I was comfortable the rest of the night. I felt badly for some folks, who were really ill prepared for the cold temperatures.
Some folks had gone up early and had a nice hot dinner of stew and cornbread ready as people trickled in. I was dieting and so brought my own food. But it looked good and it was very nice of them.

There was a good turnout. The Russels came.

After dinner there was a nice campfire. There was a lot of roasting marshmallows and an enjoyable campfire program, singing, stories and jokes.

Some fun father and son hotdog roasting.

Melanie roasting a marshmallow.

Some of the entertainment.

More fathers and sons.

Dutch oven desserts were made and distributed.

The Thompsons came.

Some of us got up very early and went on a hike. I was a more sensitive to the altitude than I expected and got a good workout. When we got back, breakfast was waiting. How cushy is that!
The kids got tractor rides and an Easter Egg hunt. Thanks to everyone who planned and organized the event.

Here is a really fun snippet of the campfire entertainment. Dan Currier and his son Noah doing a Star Wars version ot American Pie.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun and comfy too! Liked the Jedi American Pie song.