Monday, April 11, 2011

Dog Show April 2011

Penny and I like to go to a dog show at least once a year.  We really don't pay lots of attention to the classes, but we love to look at the dogs, pet them and visit with the owners. This past weekend was the mega dogshow weekend. At the Cardinals stadium, there was a dog show Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We elected to go on Monday, but because it was the tail end of the big event, there were the least amount of dogs and people there. The good news was we didn't have to pay 10$ to get in as we would have other wise.
This first dog is Tin Tin. He was the only Japanese Chin at this show and a champion. I have to say, that he is cute enough, but not anywhere as cute as my Winston. Winston isn't show quality. He is much taller and bigger than the show Chins and he has a crooked bite. But he is still cuter. Don't you think? He has a little more of a snout than the show dogs too. Tin Tin only weighs 6 lbs. Winston is 15 and he isn't fat, he is just a bigger dog.

This is a show quality red minature pincsher. My Dobbie probably outweighs him by about 12 to 15 lbs. Dobbie is also a taller bigger dog and he never got his ears docked. Maybe he isn't cuter, but I think he is probably sweeter.

Then we have the giant section. We spent quite a bit of time talking to the people who owned a whole bunch of these guys. The red one is a Dogue de Bordeux. He is only 9 months old. The full grown males were enourmous. The one next to him is a female bull mastiff. I always liked thise dogs.

This is a full grown male, but the picture doesn't do justice to his massiveness.

This great dane was close to the same size as Penny. Penny thought he could wear her shoes.

And there are always the supermodels. This Afghan hound was beautiful.

And here is a perfectly groomed Bischon Frise. Ready for a nap. I think we woke him up.

And a Yorkie with her curlers in. Really just keeping her mustache hair clean and ready for the show.

And this Maltese was ready with some blinging bows.

These is a Tibetin Spaniel. I"ve always liked them and thought I would like to have one. They are a very old breed. Very nice dogs and a good size for my house. They are about the same size or slightly smaller than my Winston.

We thought this just looked like a pile of hair. It was pretty hilarious. The guy said, yeah that's what we do with the losers. It was really a Lahsa Apso. It was breathing. Just very relaxed.

A pile of pugs.

We saw some beautiful Schnauzers. We especially saw a lot of black Giant Schnauzers. They are big dogs. This is a standard Schnauzer. Penny really liked her. The minature Schnauzers looked really tiny after seeing the others.

This is an English Cocker Spaniel. They are very nice dogs. I used to have 2 American Cockers. I think the English Cockers are a little taller and more low key. His ears are wrapped to keep them clean.

This is a smooth Brussels Griffon. It is the same breed of dog as was in the movie "As Good As It Gets", except that was a wire hired one. He was a nice dog. They are very small.

This is the wire hired. He has also had his ears cropped.

This is a merle coated Pomeranian. I had never seen a Pom this color before.

This is a Havanese. They are orginally from Cuba. I've often thought they would be a nice dog for me too.

So we were leaving , we saw the field that they play football on outside. This guy was mowing it . Penny thought it would be really fun to be able to drive this mower around. We would have loved to see them roll the field in. Maybe another time.

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