Monday, April 4, 2011

San Luis Obispo

Ok, Last vacation entry. This was actually closer to Morro Bay. We were driving down the roade and saw this sign. We decided we had to stop. It was cool. I have never seen an avocado orchard before. We learned a few things. Avocados are on the tree 14 months before being picked! There are a lot of varieties that don't make it to the store. The lady at the stand gave us Reed avocados to try. She said they were the best . It was a fun stop and they were really good avocados.

We went to see the mission in downtown San Luis Obispo. It was built in 1772. Pretty cool when you think about it.

The chapel had these neat floral paintings the entire length.

Ever so often there was a different bird.

The town is built right around this creek and there are some paths and things to enjoy it. The guide book Lezlee had said San Luis Obispo had a "sad" downtown. We really enjoyed the sad downtown.

I thought this was cool. All the street signs were done in this cool font.

On Thursday night we went to their farmers market downtown for dinner. It was awesome. I bought some of the best strawberries ever. There were lots of  people, lots of vendors, lots of live music. We had crepes.

A view of the crowd at the farmer's market. Would love to go back. Nice place.

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anita said...

Suzanne, I think u have unearthed another talent. Vacation planner!Been keeping up with all of the blogs. I want to retrace ur steps. How fun and interesting. Right up my alley!