Friday, April 8, 2011

The Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instrument Museum or the MIM has been in North Phoenix for about a year. I have several friends who have gone, and raved about it, but I hadn't been yet. I wanted to go with my friend, Joyce, because I knew she would love it. So finally, we went today. Let me just say, we were there 5 hours and didn't see it all. We had to stop because we were worn out. But they say if you bring your reciept in during the next 30 days, I can get in for 5$ off. It's normally 15$. And worth every penny, I think.
There are lots of possible ways to arrange the collection. Joyce was having fun thinking of all the alternatives. The main collection is organized geographically. We only made it through Europe and North America. We learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it.

This is in the entry way. These cool huge instruments hanging from the ceiling.

So many interesting instruments.  There are some special exhibits interspersed. One just on guitars. That is where this one was. There is one on how to make a Martin guitar and another one on how they make Steinways. Amazing.

And fun and whimsy everywhere. Like this pink sax.

And beauitful artistry and folk art.

Instruments from very tiny to enourmous.
I had to put this infor my friend Penny. She played the accordian against her will has a child. Joyce said her cousin partly supports himself playing the accordian.See what you missed Penny?

Intricately carved.

Who knew bagpipes weren't just a scottish thing? There were so many different kinds. A lot of them made out of animal skins and you could still see what the animal was.
There was also a room where you could touch and try out a whole bunch of different instruments. It was very cool. And another room full of mechanical instruments like music boxes, nickelodeons and player pianos.
When you walk in, there is this huge gong. I told Joyce I wanted to hit it. When we got to the interactive area, I was so excited to see there was one we could hit!

And then there is a celebrity section. Here is a guitar on loan from Paul Simon. You can see his name in mother of Pearl. If  you look closely, the label inside says the guitar was made especially for Paul Simon.

Here is John Lennon's Piano.

I love Eric Clapton. Here is one of his guitars.

And this is one of those cool drums they used in the opening ceremonies during the Olympics in Beijing.
And there is so much more. I have to get back and see the rest. There was a special exhibit on latin music. It was cool, all the different styles and influences. And I didn't get to Africa, Asia, South America or the Middle East. It truly is a world class museum.
Joyce playing chop sticks.


Anonymous said...

What a fun and interesting day!

Joyce DiPastena said...

I just have three words to add: crumhorn, sackbut and serpent! Thank you, Suzanne, for a fun day!